Regionally-allocated PLD (RAPLD)

Regionally-allocated PLD (RAPLD) (formerly centrally-funded PLD) is available for schools, kura and clusters in a small number of Professional Learning and Development areas.


Formerly known as centrally-funded or locally-focused PLD, regionally-allocated PLD supports the professional learning needs specific to your school, kura, kāhui ako or cluster.

Schools and kura in New Zealand are able to access PLD that is funded by the Ministry of Education (MoE) in a small number of priority areas.

Regionally-allocated PLD applications are assessed by local panels of sector leaders. The MoE aims to build greater equity and excellence for learners through tailored PLD options delivered by accredited facilitators.

There are four opportunities each year (once per term) for schools, kura, clusters and kāhui ako to apply to access the available support. Once approved, a set number of hours will be allocated by the MoE in which skilled, Ministry-endorsed facilitators will work with schools, kura, clusters, or kāhui ako, to support educators in the PLD priority areas.  

Current PLD priorities for English medium settings are:
● cultural capability;
● local curriculum design; and
● assessment for learning.

Current PLD priorities for Māori medium and te reo Māori settings are:
● mātauranga Māori and te reo Māori;
● marau ā-kura; and
● aromatawai.

Digital fluency remains a priority in all settings.


To apply for regionally-allocated PLD, you will need to create and submit a PLD proposal to the MoE for consideration.

The PLD proposal is submitted on the MoE online PLD application system using your Education Sector Login (ESL). The ‘Delegated Authoriser’ for your school, kura, cluster or kāhui ako will be able to allocate ESL access to the online PLD system.

Before you start, make sure you review the proposal questions (outlined briefly below and in more detail on the Ministry of Education PLD website) and gather your supporting information. Your supporting information should include your strategic planning and reporting documents, evidence from inquiry, consultation, hui, etc and indications of progress to date in your area of focus. 


When you submit your PLD proposal you will need to provide some information to the MoE so they can consider your request. This information comes under the following questions/headings:
● Name of proposal
● Who are you applying as? (ie a single kura or school or a cluster of kura or schools)
● Which national PLD priority underpins your proposal?
● What aspect(s) of your local curriculum will the proposed PLD focus on?
● Which wāhanga ako or learning area will your proposal focus on?
● What medium(s) do you want support in?
● Which groups contributed to the proposal?
● What is the duration of the proposed PLD?


  1. What do you want to achieve with this PLD?
  2. What is the need for this PLD and what is the evidence you are providing that the PLD will support your growth and journey?


  1. How will you measure the success of your PLD and how will it contribute to leadership and teaching capacity?
  2. How will your PLD contribute to equitable growth across your ākonga and students?
  3. How will your proposal contribute and connect to any other professional learning you are currently undertaking?
  4. What is the level of commitment you will make to this proposal?
  5. How does your proposal relate to your kāhui ako, kura, school or cluster’s goals or achievement challenges?

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