Building Literacy Skills: Words and Sentences

The Building Blocks of Word Knowledge and Sentence Building Skills – from Teacher Knowledge to Teaching Practice

Teachers and teacher aides of primary-aged students who wish to develop their understanding of the two key elements for success as a reader and writer are invited to attend a workshop on how to help their students improve in spelling, word reading and writing and sentence construction.

Part 1: Systematic Explicit Instruction

  • This session will focus on the systematic and explicit teaching of words through a progression.
  • Teachers will gain knowledge about how the code of English spelling works and practical lessons on how to teach it.

Part 2: Sentence Building Skills

  • This session will focus on the building blocks of the sentence, moving from correct sentences to manipulating them for effect.
  • Teachers will explore practical ways to teach sentences for all Year 1-8 students.

Date: Saturday 17 June 2023

Time: 9.30 am – 2.30 pm

Venue: Patumahoe School, 38 Patumahoe Road, Patumahoe

Cost: $300 +GST per person – includes morning tea, light lunch and resources

Facilitated by: Claire Knight, and Dr Christine Braid, Literacy@Massey, Massey University


  • To register and pay for this workshop, click on the button below and submit by Friday 9 June 2023.
  • Confirmation will be emailed in the week prior to the workshop.
  • If you are unable to attend the workshop but have paid, another person can attend in your place. Refunds will only be considered on a case-by-case basis.