Regionally-allocated PLD

Our team of skilled, experienced, Ministry of Education Regionally-Allocated PLD (RAPLD) Facilitators will work with you to design tailored, personalised Professional Learning Development programmes for your school, kura, or early childhood education setting.

Massey University Staff

Dr Christine Braid

Kaitakawaenga | Facilitator (Literacy)

PhD, MEd (Hons), BEd, DipTchg, DipChildLit

Christine has taught in New Zealand primary schools with a specialised interest in teaching literacy, worked in initial Teacher Education programmes with a focus on literacy teaching and as an Adviser to Schools (Literacy), and her studies at Masters and PhD level have focused on classroom application in literacy. Christine values a partnership of ako where everyone learns from each other, and she is successful in her work by incorporating what she learns from the practice of many accomplished and creative teachers.

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Tamara Dahm

Kaitakawaenga | Facilitator (Literacy)

MEd (Literacy)(Dist), GradDipTchg (Primary), BA

Prior to training as a teacher in 2012, Tamara worked as a Business and Project Analyst for the BNZ and as a Consultant for Deloittes. She taught in a primary school in New Plymouth for eight years, acquiring classroom expertise with foundations in literacy, including for children with learning difficulties. Her skills include excellent classroom management and use of ICT to enhance learning.

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Dr Raewyn Eden

Kaitakawaenga | Facilitator (Mathematics Education)

PhD, MEd, DipTchg

Raewyn is a lecturer in mathematics education (primary) in the Institute of Education, Massey University. Her experience includes teaching in diverse schools, particularly at the primary level but also across early childhood education, secondary and tertiary contexts, in New Zealand and the Cook Islands. Raewyn is interested in how teachers can be supported to engage in ambitious teaching that promotes rich learning for all students.

Huinga Jackson-Greenland

Kaitakawaenga | Facilitator (Early Childhood Education)

MEd, PGDipEd&PD, BEd, DipTchg

Huinga originally trained as a primary school teacher at Auckland’s Epsom Teachers College, but has for the last 20 years been involved in advocating for and promoting the value and importance of early childhood education for children and families/whānau. Her particular passion is Māori education and her depth of cultural knowledge and understanding has developed over years of working alongside a diverse range of teachers in both the primary and early childhood sectors.

Dr Lesieli Tongati’o

Kaihautū Mātauranga Pasifika | Pasifika Sector Leader

PhD, MEd, BEd (Hons), DipTchg

Lesieli has a passion for education with a wealth of experience and a wide network of contacts across Aotearoa and the Pacific region. She has championed Pasifika leadership, research and evaluation, knowledge, theories, processes and methodologies across Pasifika and non-Pasifika worlds, in the public service, education sectors and communities. Lesieli brings a confident and trusted Pasifika voice, authentic Pasifika knowledge, skills and experiences connecting across different contexts and curriculum areas across Te Whāriki and its links to the New Zealand Curriculum Framework.

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Contracted Facilitators

In addition to our team of permanent Massey University facilitation staff, Tātai Angitu have also partnered with a number of external contractors with a wide range of expertise and skills.

Dr Viv Aitken

Viv has more than 20 years’ experience in the Education sector in New Zealand. She has broad experience, having taught in early childhood, primary,  secondary and tertiary settings. After previous positions as Senior Lecturer at Waikato University and Associate Professor at the Institute of Technology in Hawke’s Bay, Viv is now a working as a Consultant  supporting teachers and school leaders around the country. Her particular specialism is curriculum integration; other interests include disability and inclusion, student agency and research methods.

Viv has a passion for innovative pedagogy and her facilitation reflects this: you can expect to learn in an active, participatory way, with much discussion and reflection.

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Mark Callagher


With over 20 years’ teaching experience across a range of secondary school subjects, Mark has implemented a range of pedagogies supported by digital technology capacity and capability improvement. This includes collaborative learning, learner-centred co-construction and project-based learning (PBL), along with a range of effective research and presentation approaches.

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Trudy Francis

C21 Learning

With over 20 years’ experience working in the sector, Trudy has been recognised in New Zealand and Australia as a leader in literacy, curriculum integration, the key competencies, higher-order thinking and the habits of mind. She has strived to develop her capacity in using teaching strategies which promote high levels of student responsibility and achievement; by developing and sustaining communities of learners, using an integrated curriculum, higher-order thinking skills, and goal setting.

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Dr Craig Hansen

Drone Legends Aotearoa

For 20 of his 30 years’ experience, Craig has facilitated professional learning opportunities in New Zealand, Indonesia and Nepal education systems as an educator and principal. He works with students and their whānau to reduce barriers to learning by applying digital technology, collaboration and innovation practices in the use of drones.

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Martin Hughes


With over 13 years’ experience working in schools in New Zealand and beyond, Martin delivers professional learning experiences that are meaningful, memorable and motivating. He is passionate about linking technologies with school goals to ensure enhanced learning experiences and capabilities. Martin is a certified Google and Apple trainer, and is also a Ministry of Education Accredited Facilitator.

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Jeff King


Jeff has been involved in education in New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom and the Middle East for over 20 years. He has extensive experience working alongside teachers, leaders, and administrators to improve their school-wide systems in order to provide better and more effective environment for teachers and students. Jeff has a Masters in Applied Linguistics and has a particular interest in the youth transition space and youth well-being. Jeff is also the co-founder of the app MyMahi which helps young people discover strengths and build future pathways.

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Dr Helen Walls

The Writing Teacher

Helen has many years of experience working in schools and understands the pressures of the classroom. She strives to be a supportive mentor to teachers and uses discussion, workshop activities and in-class modelling to develop teachers’ knowledge of literacy development and best practice methods.

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Anjela Webster

Generation Online

Anjie spent five years with Netsafe as an Educational Adviser before founding Generation Online in response to schools’ and kura need. She specialises in providing outstanding wrap-around support and training in all areas of digital technology with links to hauora, positive psychology, social and emotional learning, critical literacies and resilience and wellbeing.

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